2011 Guide to Harford - Business

Harford County has a civilian labor force of approximately 130,736 people out of a population of about 250,000. The private sector accounts for the largest share of jobs held by county residents, 66,000 in all. This includes about 19,000 who work in trade, transportation and utilities; 11,000 working in professional business services, and 9,000 work in educational and health services, according to statistics compiled by the county government.

The single largest private sector employer in the county is Upper Chesapeake Health Systems, a not-for-profit company that owns and operates the county’s two hospitals. It has a workforce of more than 2,700 people.

Various governments—local, state and federal—account for a substantial portion of the jobs held by county residents. According to the county, nearly 17,000 civilians are employed at Aberdeen Proving Ground; also, the county school system has more than 5,000 employees and the county government employs roughly 2,000 people.

The average weekly wage in the county is $981, and the average in the private sector being $718 according to statistics compiled by the county.

Major employers in Harford County include:

Government Sector

Aberdeen Proving Ground
Harford County Public Schools
Harford County Government
Harford County Public Library

Private Sector
Upper Chesapeake Health Systems
Harford Community College
Rite Aid Mid-Atlantic Customer Distribution Center
Jacobs Technology, Inc
Sephora Central Distribution
Saks Fifth Avenue
Frito-Lay, Inc
American Infrastructure
Custom Direct, LLC
Blue Dot of Maryland
SURVICE Engineering
APG Federal Credit Union
Science & Technology Corporation
WAVE (Worthington Armstrong Ventures)
C&S Wholesale Grocers
Cytec Engineered Materials, Inc.
PNC Bank
Alcore, Inc.
The ARC Northern Chesapeake Region
Independent Can Company

*This information was complied at the beginning of the 2011 fiscal year.

What is BRAC?
BRAC—or Base Realignment and Closure Commssion—is an acronym for a U.S. Deent of Defense (DoD) commission, but locally you’ll hear it used to refer to planned growth at several state military bases, including Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG).

In 2005, the federal commission decided to shift more than 7,500 Department of Defense jobs to Maryland military bases over the next seven years. BRAC 2005 impacts 13 installations nationwide and makes APG one of 20 BRAC growth communities in the US.

Harford County’s BRAC Task Force is projecting 8,200 new, direct positions on Post (civilian DoD and embedded contractors) and 7,500 to 10,000 indirect jobs (contractor tail and spin-off located off Post).

You can find more information by visiting www.harfordcountymd.gov/BRAC.

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