A Question for the Ages

Which is more important – saving money or admitting you’re old? That’s the dilemma I face on Thursdays at Graul’s Market in Hereford.

You see, the store offers a 5% discount up to $100 to senior citizens on Thursdays. Shortly after I turned 62 in May, a friend told me that Graul’s now considers me a senior citizen.

Surely she was wrong. I’m proud to be “Grandma” to my five grandchildren, but there’s no way I’m in that senior category yet.

I admit to having an AARP card, which I’ve used to get discounts at hotels and restaurants. But AARP’s eligibility-age is merely 50 years old, so I have lots of company there.

I don’t shop at Graul’s every day, but one day recently, I realized it was Thursday. To double-check my friend’s information, I asked the cashier what age was considered senior citizen, as she happily said, “62.”

I told her I had reached that milestone in May and abashedly asked for my discount.

And you know what? She didn’t look at me and say, “Oh, there must be some mistake. You’re too young.” She didn’t ask for proof, thinking I was scamming the system. She didn’t roll her eyes and hit the discount key with disdain. She simply looked at me and decided that, yes, I was old.

I know “pride goeth before a fall,” so I’m going to continue to swallow my pride and take the senior discount. If I took a fall with these ancient bones of mine, I’d probably never get up.



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