Goodbye Bustling Buses

Today is the last day of school for Baltimore County and I have mixed feelings about not seeing yellow buses chugging along North County roads.

Unless I’m running late, I love being behind a school bus as it picks up students, especially kindergartners or first-graders. I grin when they get a quick hug and kiss from Mom before they mount the huge steps into the bus.

I also smile when the kids jump down the steps and run off the bus, waving an art project in the air or clutching an important paper.

I remember my two kids coming home from Sparks Elementary and every now and then I do bus stop duty with my three grandchildren.

The part I won’t miss is the traffic that the school year brings. Not only is there a long line of cars behind each bus, but so many parents drive their children that the roads leading to each Hereford zone school are jam-packed.

It’s usually friendly traffic, with drivers and passengers waving to each other, but it’s traffic nonetheless.  

I can see Monkton Road from my house and plenty of commuter traffic passes through every day. This time of year, however, the pace slows. People are on vacation. They take long weekends. They go in late or leave early. Teenage drivers sleep in.

All that will change in just 63 days. The first day of school is Monday, August 28.



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