Let There Be Light

The finally finished parking garage by the Roland Park post office has been bustling with cars all holiday season. The renovations brought no improvement in the careful navigation required there. It is still tight, with caution required not to broadside another car when making a turn or to sideswipe a cement pillar when parking.


When the renovations were complete, new lights created a brighter and safer space than it had been previously.  Now only a few lights work. During the longest and darkest days of the years, most of the parking garage is pitch black after 4:30 p.m. and on rainy days. This is not safe. Entering a dark, cavernous garage is not a smart thing to do. Parking is tight on surrounding streets by the bustling shopping center. The garage, and a lighted one, is needed.


Let us hope that the owners of the parking garage know of the problem and take prompt action to fix the lights before a crime occurs.



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