'Tis the Season

‘Tis the season of too much activity and busyness. This is when accidents happen. Stoves are left on, and fires begin. Speed, in driving or walking, leads to car crashes and falls. We rush around as if we are on life-saving deadlines, as if there are no days left for gift-giving or entertaining after Hanukkah or Christmas.
Yesterday, I had my first mishap. It is nothing compared to a bodily injury or the horrible loss of loved ones experienced by some of my neighbors and friends this year. It was simply a mishap involving “things.”
My husband and I had just finished a quiet, cheerful visit with one of our closest friends who stopped in. Afternoon visits have been a hallmark of this long friendship. During the visit I took several photos with my new iPad
I am not one for electronics, or electronic toys, but the iPad my husband gave me for our anniversary is one of the most fun possessions I own. Fun is something our families have been urging us to pursue in earnest.  I have been having a lot of fun documenting our days with my iPad and camera.
After our friend left, I took the iPad upstairs. I had taken its protective cover off when I took the afternoon pictures. The cover is magnetic and often pulls loose when I click a picture. I had recently caught the iPad in my right hand as the cover pulled off in my left mid-picture. 
So as not to repeat that scare, I removed the cover on Thursday before I snapped away. When I went to put the iPad carefully down on a table, the corner of it hit the edge of a nearby door. The iPad flew out of my hand and landed on the tile floor. 
First I saw a few lines across the screen. Soon they were deeper and longer, and the corner that had hit the door was shattered. The iPad still worked. I went out to the Towson Apple store, but they had no iPad appointments left for the day.
I am headed back on Friday afternoon. An Apple authorized dealer I often use says he thinks they will replace the whole iPad, because it is so new, and because we are such longtime Apple customers. I think he is an optimist, but we shall see. 
If he is right, my first holiday mishap may turn into a fine holiday surprise.

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