The Pony Express Might be Faster

Again, the Unites States Postal Service disappoints.  This is tax season, a time when good postal service is important. Never before have our 1099’s not been delivered.  It is the middle of March, and we are missing two.
One 1099 was mailed on Jan. 24 from Texas to our post office box. The other was mailed from Baltimore on March 6. Ten days from 21201 to 21210?  The Pony Express could have taken a letter from Missouri to California in that time.
Maybe the problem is the address. We use the post office box for business mail. Rarely, have we had trouble, but recently mail to the house comes faster and more reliably.
We started using a post office box because we have a problematic home address, one with a letter after the number. That letter confuses postal scanners and causes delivery mixups or “return to senders.”
Many companies also print our address listing our house as an apartment attached to the house next door. Our neighbors are diligent about bringing mail delivered to them by carriers who do not know us, but we have used a post office box to eliminate issues when they are away.
 Now we are reconsidering. It is upsetting to think of 1099’s with Social Security numbers being delivered to wrong addresses or lost in postal space.

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