Speed Deterrent

During the Irene aftermath, some non-functioning stoplights have kept the pace slower at some intersections. Yes, they’ve caused traffic backups, but slower speeds and drivers trying to be a little more aware have been a welcomed change of routine.
The tree down in the middle of our street functioned as an inverted speed hump. Normally, drivers race down the first block of Ridgewood and take the curve as if they’re driving in Monte Carlo. When they tried to do that this week, two maple limbs sent them screeching to a halt right before the bend. Thanks, Irene, for perfect placement of a speed deterrent on this narrow, one-way street. 
With the limbs down, cars could proceed carefully through the narrow space, but not fly. The city removed the broken limbs in the middle of the night Tuesday, and the Indy 500 resumed at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday. 
Farewell, Irene. 

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