Second Chapter

The second chapter in the story of my cracked iPad begins with a late trip last Thursday to the Apple    store in Towson.  
Juan Leura of MacDaddy in Bel Air, my go-to place for Apple repair, recommended I take the new iPad with its cracked glass to the Apple store. He thought they would replace it.  I thought he was an extreme optimist.
I went out anyway late Thursday evening after a meeting.  All iPad techs were booked, and the next appointment was for 1:40 p.m. on Friday. 
I returned Friday. After a bit of a wait, Josh, an elfish tech in a striped hat, listened attentively to the saga of the demise of the anniversary gift from my husband. The day before I had removed the magnetized Apple iPad case to take a photo, because the first time I took a photo, the case had separated from the iPad and started to fall. I caught the electronic tablet in my right hand that time. 
Last Thursday when I took a picture, I decided the wise thing to do was take off the case first. After taking the photo I went upstairs, carefully carrying the iPad, and aiming for a table for safekeeping. Inadvertently, I bumped the corner of the iPad on a door. It hit the door hard, flew from my hand and crashed on a tile floor. Cracks swam across the glass.

That was what I told Josh, as well as the years I’ve exclusively used Apple computers, 25, and the fact that I thought that Apple should sell in their stores a case sturdier than a magnetic cover. The back of the iPad2 is sleek and slippery and offers no grip. The magnetic cover offers no protection to the back or to the corners. The Apple Care coverage for the iPad does not offer insurance for accidents.
He said the best he could do was about half the original price of the iPad2, plus $50 for my long history with Apple products. When he left me, he needed to wait on another customer and talk to the managers.  Josh disappeared into a sea of people for about half an hour.
When he returned, he said solemnly that they had told him to use his discretion. He thought the best thing to do was to swap the 30-day-old iPad2 for a new one for just this time for FREE.  FREE! I almost hugged Santa’s number one elf, but I refrained.  Instead I purchased another iPad2 as a gift. 
As I’ve repeated this story countless times, many have said the free swap is a holiday miracle. Indeed. The free swap is also in the spirit of holiday giving and in the spirit of a company that knows how to encourage business.

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