Postal Season

‘Tis the season for long lines at the post office. Already, things are off to a rocky start around our neighborhood. 
At the Mount Washington post office last week, all three terminals had computer malfunctions. No one could use a credit card, because the computer system for credit card payment was beyond sluggish. It was not working. Two transactions were in progress awaiting the computers to sign off. Those of us in line waited and waited, until one woman offered cash for her transaction. The other had neither a check nor cash. When I left, she was still waiting, and the line snaked to the door.
On Saturday I ran into a friend in front of Tuxedo Pharmacy. She was fuming. She had received a note to pick up a package at the Roland Park post office. Saturday hours printed on the notice said, “8 a.m. to 2 p.m.” It was well before 2, but the post office was closed.  Seems that the Roland Park post office has reduced hours without carriers making changes on printed notices.  
As they say, the devil, and the Grinch who deflates holiday spirits, is in the details.  

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