P.O. Box Delivery

My husband and I have long used a post office box at the Roland Park post office for business mail. Our street address includes the letter “B,” which presents a problem for mail sorters and carriers, who don’t know that our house is separate from the one next door with identical numbers, but no letter.
The post office box has always been a prompt way to receive mail until recently. Mail addressed to our box now seems to arrive later than mail that comes to the house. The way I know this is that bills from some companies with which my husband and I both have accounts arrive many days apart. I checked with the companies, and we are on the same billing cycle, so the bills are mailed at the same time. 
 On Saturday, I received in the post office box three pieces of mail, each postmarked Jan. 31. One was a 1099 sent from zip code 21201, one was a piece of personal correspondence mailed from north Roland Park, and the third was a first-class envelope from St. David’s Church in 21210, the same zip as the Roland Park post office.
What is going on?!?  It took 11 days for three pieces of mail to come to our box. Is the local mail somehow being sorted outside of Baltimore City? Is the reduction of postal workers causing a sorting problem downtown or at the Roland Park post office? Whatever the reason, in tax season, delayed delivery is unsettling.
While most bills can now be paid online, 1099’s come via snail mail, as will a present I ordered for my husband for Valentine’s Day. The company says it should have been delivered on Saturday. Mistakenly, I had it sent to our post office box, so who knows when it will arrive. 

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