Baltimore County

McCormick Returns to the Harbor

In childhood, after church then lunch with my grandmother, I went on Sunday drives with my family throughout Baltimore. When we rode around the harbor, it looked nothing like it does today. It was a bunch of ratty docks, beat-up row houses, the Fava Fruit Company, and McCormick & Company, our favorite because of the large vanilla bottle and pepper can that sat on top of the company‚Äôs Light Street building. 
In later years, when the Inner Harborwas redeveloped, my husband and I went down regularly for dinner and a stroll around the promenade. The smell of cinnamon and spices being ground inside the McCormick plant often filled the air. By then, the iconic bottle and spice tin had been removed.
Hugh McCormick, the father of a longtime classmate, once quoted me the annual cost of maintaining those icons I always lobbied him so hard to restore.
 Now, with so much signage on buildings at the harbor, and with the return of McCormick, a former Light Street anchor, as reported in The Sun last week, bringing back its iconic vanilla bottle and pepper can might be fitting and celebratory.

Not to mention festive advertisement for a company interested in global branding of its flavors.  

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