Last Planting

I can always plant more, and I always want to plant more, but for now I am finished. On Friday morning I planted the last stragglers of annuals: three pale pink impatiens, one begonia and two dusty miller.

I also planted one pack of deep magenta zinnia seeds a friend gave to Harriett Little, our close friend who died in December. Harriett was a good gardener, as is her friend who gave the seeds. There were enough seeds in that one zinnia pack for three small beds.

They won’t be monochromatic beds though. Some of my mixed ‘Cut and Come Again’ zinnias from last summer reseeded themselves, so one bed will have mostly magenta with a few who-knows-what colors.

I’m headed to France to meet my niece. While I’m gone, my husband, a reluctant gardener, will water the seeds. He is a most diligent waterer. Every morning after breakfast he fills our birdbaths. He also takes the night’s batch of dehumidifier water from the basement and pours it on whatever bush or tree he thinks needs a little extra.  He keeps a watchful eye on the 10 rhododendrons planted under the tall Japanese zelkova. Rain often misses them.

I am really looking forward to going to France and finding some new gardens to explore, but already I can’t wait to come home and see how big the magenta zinnias have grown. When they bloom we will think of both Harriett and her friend of 60 years.

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