Kudos to 311

For weeks the point of land at Cold Spring Lane and Ridgewood Road looked like a prairie. It looked like this plot, and a small island in the 4300 block of Roland Avenue, had been forgotten the last time the city mowed the Roland Avenue median.
Before I went away last week, I was certain that when we returned, the grass, then more than 18 inches tall, would be mowed. Wrong. Two days later, on Thursday, it was still untouched and about 24 inches tall. I called 311. An unusually friendly operator took the two locations and said something would be done in 14 days.
I could picture knee high grass by then.
Later on Thursday, when I came home from Baltimore County, the grass had been cut. What a great response from the city. May other city efforts to improve the life in all neighborhoods move as quickly.

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