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Breathless June

The change in weather since Monday has helped restore energy and good cheer during this breathless month of activity.


As I said in my print column for The Baltimore Messenger, June rivals December as the busiest month of the year. As we hit mid-month, I’ve decided it’s worse.


December is mostly holiday related activities: parties, school progams, concerts, shopping, gift-giving. June is full of major life events: graduations, graduations and more graduations in this school-dense area of the city, plus weddings and home moves. My family has not had any of these major events this month, but one is looming later in the summer. This month we’ve enjoyed time celebrating friends’ weddings and graduations as well as special occasions for a variety of area non-profits.


With the turn in the weather, I’ve also had energy to go back out to the garden to weed, prune, deadhead and plant some straggler annuals and perennials. The heat and dry weather put the breaks on planting. Not this week after good rains came and the heat disappeared.


Digging in the soil and working quietly alone out in the fresh air provide a good balance to the June whirl.

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