Below 80 Degrees

Thursday night the temperature on our thermometer said 76 degrees. We turned off the air-conditioning, raised the windows and turned on the small box fan that sat, facing out, in a third-floor window. That little fan drew cool air through the house all night long.
Having windows open felt different. The air currents were different. I keep a fan running in my bedroom for circulation even when the air-conditioning runs. The added breeze from the front window cooled me down, so I slept under a cotton blanket for the first night in more than a month.
Sounds were different too. My fan is quiet, so it doesn’t block out sirens on Cold Spring Lane and Roland Avenue. I put my earplugs in for the first night in months.
The light was also different. With air-conditioning, I can drop the shades to the window sill. Not so when I need them open to let in a cool breeze. At 5 a.m., daylight and the Carolina wren’s chittering in the hemlock wakened me. Not a bad way to wake up, but I put on my sleep mask and slept two more hours. 
With temperatures forecast to stay in the 80’s on Friday, we left the windows open and the fan whirring to experience an old-fashioned summer day. 

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