My new iPad2 came with a quick-triggered auto-correct. If I don’t watch it like a hawk, it changes words. Sometimes my sentences do not make sense or have a completely different meaning than I intended. 
Take for example one of the first mistakes it made. My sister likes to go to the gym and “spin.” I wrote at the end of an email, or I thought I wrote, “Have a nice spin!”  
The trigger-happy auto-correct changed that “spin” to “spinal,” so I told my sister to “Have a nice spinal!”  Unfortunately, I didn’t catch that in time before it spun off.
Auto-correct is teaching me to proofread more carefully, as is a little book my niece gave me for Christmas. It’s called I Judge You When You Use Poor Grammar, and it’s a collection of bloopers, mistakes and linguistic goofs, such as “beastro” for “bistro,” “and “bowels” for “bowls.” There are misusages such as “your” for “you’re,”  “it’s” for “its,” and “who’s for “whose.”
There are lots of apostrophe mistakes, as in “new’s” for news, and “ iPod’s” for “iPods.”
One of my own pet peeves is ignorance about the plural possessive. When people refer to my family’s story for example, I jump when I see the Hudson’s story. The plural possessive is the Hudsons’ story, the Hudsons’ house, the Hudsons’ garden.
The slim volume my niece gave me has some funnier inclusions, such as “Get a brain morans” and a bathroom door sign that reads, “Male Man.” Is that room meant for the mailman? And “English is our language, no excetions.” 
‘Nuff said. Have a great spinal!

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