Red Maryland week in review

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As has been custom during his time in office, Governor Martin O'Malley has built his budget upon a fiscal house of cards, featuring false claims about cutting spending and leaving a structural deficit in place for his successor.

Red Maryland Network Exclusive Interview with Delegate Don Dwyer
The Red Maryland Network's newest show, The Red Maryland News Hour debuted on Friday. In the debut episode host Duane Keenan had an exclusive interview with Delegate Don Dwyer, an interview he says he has never given before, focusing on topics both personal and political.

Questions about Lollar's Report
Months after Red Maryland reported on Charles Lollar receiving a salary from his Federal campaign account during his 2010 Congressional campaign, his campaign reported that Lollar received over $10,000 in reimbursements since September

Minding Media Matters
The left-wing George Soros funded smear machine that is Media Matters for America took aim at Red Maryland and our partnership with the Baltimore SunMark thoroughly dissects their arguments.

A Gloomy Fiscal Future
Surprising nobody, a recent Mercatus Center report shows a gloomy and dire fiscal future for our state.

Failures threaten futures of O'Malley, Brown
Last Sunday's Washington Post report about the systemic and leadership failures of the Obamacare rollout here in Maryland seriously threaten Governor O'Malley and Lt. Governor Brown in their upcoming campaigns.


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