U.S. should nix horse meat sales

As constituents of 1st Congressional District of Maryland, our local congressman, Rep. Andy Harris, is a member of the House Appropriations Committee. This committee is responsible for voting on the funding limitation amendment each year as part of the agriculture appropriation bill. This amendment prevents the inhumane slaughter of horses for their meat and selling it for human consumption overseas. Its language has consistently been implemented over the past decade — until last year. 

Horse meat is dangerous to public health, as American horses are given numerous medications and toxic substances that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration expressly forbids in animals intended for human consumption. As a physician, Dr. Harris should be very concerned about these health issues. We need to urge him to vote in alignment with advancing our public health and against this unhealthy and barbaric practice. We need to ask that he vote yes on the funding limitation amendment. The congressman voted against this important amendment last year, and we ask that he support it and thereby protect human health and horses this year ("USDA warns Pittsburgh restaurant that served horse meat," May 15). 

Please call Rep. Harris' office today at 202-225-5311 and ask him to vote yes on the funding limitation amendment in the agriculture appropriations bill. This will prevent our federal tax dollars from supporting the horse slaughter industry in the U.S. 

Michele Gramens, Westminster

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