No decision made on O.C. rentals

Ocean City officials plan to meet again after Labor Day to discuss tightening the rules around short-term rentals in some residential neighborhoods.

The city hosted a public hearing Tuesday for people to air their opinions on the subject. Some residents have called for a ban of weekly rentals in single-family neighborhoods, which they say disrupt the quality of life and character of those areas.

The proposal has prompted pushback from other property owners, who say restricting rentals would violate property rights, hurt people's investments and make the resort town less appealing to families.

Nearly 30 people spoke at Tuesday's three-hour public hearing, and another roughly 30 signed up, before bowing out to avoid repetition, said planner Bob Nelson. The Planning and Zoning Commission will meet Sept. 3 to discuss the hearing. No public comment will be allowed at that point, he said.

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