Ten Years Ago in City Paper: Dec. 20, 2000

City Paper's feature well is filled by its critics' look back at the year 2000 in culture and news. Michael Anft explores the year in news and, with the editorial staff, looks at the year in non-news. Ian Grey screens the year in film and runs through his top 10 movies, as do Heather Joslyn and Luisa F. Ribiero. Lee Gardner recalls the 10 most annoying things about music before celebrating the 10 best things about music, and critics Rjyan Kidwell, Daniel Piotrowski, Vincent Williams, and John Lewis chart their Top 10 albums. Adele Marley flips through the year in television. Eileen Murphy looks at the year in books and makes her top 10 books list, as do Mahinder Kingra and Michael Anft, who also examines the year in art and, along with Anna Ditkoff, Mike Giuliano, Brennen Jensen, and Jack Purdy, the year in theater.In Mobtown, Eileen Murphy describes the Walters Art Museum's effort to revive teaching art to schoolkids. The Nose has fun with Washington, D.C./Baltimore's effort to host the Olympics and reports from the front lines of Dr. George Whittington Kennard's long-vanished hospital. And in Charmed Life, Brennen Jensen explores the history of Christ's Institution Church.In Columns, Joe MacLeod pens his own special top 10 list in Mr. Wrong. Mink Stole deals with sober people, phony banterers, and the appearance-obsessed in Think Mink. Wiley Hall III remarks on George W. Bush's cabinet appointments in Urban Rhythms. Joab Jackson invents the game of Microsoft Media Monopoly in Cyberpunk. And Tom Scocca highlights the best and worst of sports in 2000 in 8 Upper.In Art, Mike Giuliano checks out the Maryland Historical Society's photography exhibit. In Music, critics reminisce about their favorite concerts of 2000: Lee Gardner on Andras Schiff with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and the High Zero Festival; Hank Baker on the Oranges, Enon, and Love as Laughter; Natalie Davis on the Life of Bob Marley; Anna Ditkoff on Punkathon; Tim Hill on the Tarbox Ramblers; Daniel Piotrowski on Modest Mouse and the Black Heart Procession; Geoffrey Himes on Bob Dylan; and Daniel Schlosberg on the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra's performances of Tchaikovsky's "Iolanta."In Know Your Product, Lee Gardner tips his hat to Lungfish's Necrophones, The Oxes' The Oxes, Ruff Endz's Love Crimes, Sisqó's "The Thong Song," and Rod Lee's "Feel Me."In Film, Adele Marley is stirred by You Can Count on Me, insulted by What Women Want, and bored by The Family Man. Luisa F. Ribiero thinks Cast Away is a waste of time, Quills falls short, The Bishop's Wife is worth digging up, Miss Congeniality is pleasing, and Chocolat is yummy. Heather Joslyn is seared by One Day in September and thinks Finding Forrester is best in class. Ian Grey guts All the Pretty Horses. Jack Purdy is impressed by the 1984 made-for-TV film A Christmas Carol. And Andy Markowitz finds Place Vendóme quite agreeable.Despite poor service, Susan Fradkin likes DeSantis' Pizza Grill and Bar in Belly Up. (Editor's note: Please remember that this restaurant review is exactly a decade old, so take any information within with a shaker of salt.)

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