Federal On-Line Gambling Investigation in Maryland Seized Nearly $800,000 from Payment-Processor Electracash

Electracash, the California payment processor whose bank accounts were targeted in July by federal investigators probing illegal on-line gambling, is out nearly $800,000, according to court documents filed Oct. 21.

On Sept. 30, Interstate Net Bank cut a $324,632.71 check to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), emptying Electracash's account in Cherry Hill, N.J., as a result of a Maryland warrant issued by U.S. District Court magistrate judge James Bredar on July 20 (see below: Electracash Interstate Net return). And on Oct. 6, First Premier Bank in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, also under order from Bredar, forked over $458,699.95 of Electracash's bank funds to ICE (see below: Electracash First Premier return).

Affidavits supporting the warrants are sealed, so the precise nature of Electracash's suspected conduct in the illegal on-line gambling arena remain under wraps.

Electracash Interstate Net Return

Electracash First Premier Return

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