Matt Porterfield and Putty Hill: Still Raising Funds

As reported a few weeks ago, local filmmaker Matt Porterfield is in the final stretch of fundraising for his new movie, Putty Hill (see the gorgeous trailer below). He and his producers achieved their $10,000 goal, but as Porterfield revealed today in a Facebook note, they're still hoping to raise some more funding just to keep their forward momentum going:

$10K was a conservative figure. The rules of Kickstarter dictate that a project will not receive the money pledged unless it meets its goal. This means, if you set your target at $5K and only make $4500, you get nothing and the donors' money goes back to the bank. We felt we could raise $10K — and we did! And its huge! But we have costs that far exceed this sum.
We're not gonna get beat up or anything, but everyone who contributed post-production skills and services is still waiting to get paid. And we want to do right by our friends and collaborators. Also, we've hired a publicist in Berlin, who will help us reach international press outlets and make the most of our world premiere. And then comes SXSW, which means more posters, postcards, buttons, travel costs, accommodations, shipping, etc...
Putty Hill makes its world premiere at the Berlinale—where indieWIRE named it one of the 20 movies to look forward to—and makes its North American debut at the SXSW Film Conference and Festival as part of the Emerging Visions program. To contribute to Putty Hill, visit its Kickstarter page.

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