Broadway's Baddest Bitches

Last night, we drifted into the Theatre Project, taking seats at tables set up on stage. The scene had a cabaret feel to it, with tealights dotting the darkness, copious drinks on hand, and a piano in the corner. A fundraiser for Glass Mind Theatre, the affair showcased the vocal talent of various people involved with the group, each of whom tackled popular musical numbers. The result, Broadway's Baddest Bitches, featured lively tunes, some skirmishes among local drag queens, and a bartender who knew just the right moments to lovingly heckle.Hosted by Anastacia Amor, the fundraising event will aid the theater and their upcoming season, which focuses on reinterpretations of classics like Three Sisters and Antigone. Highlights of the evening included the vivacious Sarah Ford Gorman's performance of "Bring on the Men" and Britt Olsen-Ecker's hilarious, drunken take on "Little Girls." Capped off with a number from Amor—which included a sparkling ensemble and some serious dance moves—the night displayed local talent while encouraging the public to shell out some cash for the Baltimore art scene.Keep an eye out for Glass Mind's next season, which opens with A Midsummer Night's Dream on Sept. 21.

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