Glass Mind Theatre Hosts 360 Storytelling

Glass Mind Theatre will break the proverbial fourth wall this Friday, inviting audience members to come on stage and participate in its second annual 360 Storytelling event. The idea, first conceived by an online theater community known as 2 a.m. Theater, is simple: Everyone has a story, and, what's more, a right to share it. So go—describe a memory, a dream, something you made up. The only catch: You have to be done in six minutes. This year's theme is "Arrivals and Departures," and anyone in the audience is free to add his or her own story to the mix. The result, as founder David J. Loehr puts it, will be another addition to the ever-growing "patchwork" of human storytelling.In between stories, Glass Mind will announce shows for its upcoming third season. The event takes place Monday, April 9 at 7:30 p.m., at Cyclops Books and Music (30 W. North Ave.); it's free, but a $10 suggested donation is appreciated.

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