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British Hype Bands Love Soft Rock, Baltimore Abstract Noize

So we're reading web zine Pitchfork over our morning coffee, and we open the recurring "Guest List" feature where the site gets current indie-rock hot commodities to talk about their favorite songs, video games, or flavors of Altoids, and we get smacked with this at the top of a list from Klaxons guitarist Simon Taylor-Davis in a section marked "Favorite New Songs of the Past Year":WZT Hearts: "1" This blew my mind into fireworks. . . . It's all I listened to when we toured Europe. It was just abstract being completely obsessed with this, to this then going onstage and playing three-minute pop songs, then going back to this crystal neverland.Then again, Taylor-Davis goes on to say that Chris De Burgh's "Lady in Red" is his favorite song of all time.But seriously: Wait, what? The Klaxons are inescapable Britpop phenoms in their homeland at the moment (though judging by the rate of turnover for Britpop phenoms, there's a good chance they won't be by the time this Noise post goes up) who write, as Taylor-Davis says, "three-minute pop songs" and are hellbent on reviving Day-Glo rave while sounding like a sloppy cross between EMF, Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine, Blur, and 2 Unlimited. (Between the Klaxons and the TMNT movie, when did 2007 suddenly become 1990?) The idea of a British electronic pop-rock band going into the studio with the tribal roar of Wzt Hearts on its mind is kinda weird, kinda exciting. If NME is suddenly touting "nü-laptop grind" in a year, Baltimore should really claim partial dibs.

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