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Dan Connolly


Dan Connolly has been covering sports for 18 years, and baseball and the Orioles for 14 seasons, including the past 10 with The Baltimore Sun. His first year covering baseball on a daily basis was Cal Ripken Jr.'s final season as a player. It's believed that is just a coincidence.

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  • Chris Davis and the 'hometown discount'

    Chris Davis and the 'hometown discount'

    A hometown discount. It’s a no-win phrase purposely avoided by those involved in pro sports negotiations. Ultimately, if a player gives “a hometown discount” -- a lesser monetary deal to sign or re-sign at a familiar place -- he and his agent have settled. If he doesn’t, well, the player is viewed...

  • Which available outfielder is tops on your wish list?

    Which available outfielder is tops on your wish list?

    Come in out of the cold and mosey up to the bar. All drinks today are $1.22, in honor of Joe Flacco’s consecutive games streak that will be halted next week. This is when it pays off to be a full Baltimore sports bar and not just an Orioles one – no one wants to pay $26.32 for one drink. Anyway,...