Will Ferrell's Bush also made an important kill

Broadcasting live from a Sizzler Steakhouse, Will Ferrell's President George W. Bush had an important announcement to share with the American people: A secret operation under his command had made an important kill. 

"I have personally overseen a strategic and covert operation that killed the gopher who's been tearing up my back yard," Ferrell's Bush said. 

The gopher had been a source of hardship for Bush for years, digging holes that caused him "to trip and fall over them no less than 15 times a day."

Killing the gopher wasn't easy. It took a "ferocious 40-minute firefight" to complete the operation, and the gopher was "buried in accordance with gopher burial traditions."

The point of the joke is hard to miss: While serious leaders such as President Barack Obama were hunting down Osama bin Laden, a simpleton like Bush was obsessing over a garden animal.

It's probably unfair to Bush, who -- for better or worse -- oversaw the creation and growth of many of the agencies and techniques that helped set the foundation for bin Laden's demise. But the thought of a frustrated Bush tripping and falling over gopher holes all day is too funny not to laugh at.  

At the end of the clip, Bush learned two more pieces of good information: The U.S. Military had killed bin Laden and the Sizzler has a taco bar. 


President Bush Reacts to Osama Bin Laden's Death with Will Ferrell from Will Ferrell

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