Who's winning? Jon Stewart or Fox News?

Three days after TV funnyman Jon Stewart and Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace sat down and discussed bias in political coverage, the debate is still raging. 

Last night on his program, Stewart apologized for making a false statement to Wallace in which he claimed that Fox News watchers are "the most consistently misinformed viewers."

"As it turns out, I was misinformed," Stewart said Tuesday, before joking: "Which should not be surprising because I do watch a lot of Fox News." 

Fact-checking organization PolitiFact reported that Fox News viewers are merely "near the bottom" of media organizations and actually more informed that viewers of "The Daily Show."  

"So thanks for fact-f---ing me, stoners!" Stewart shouted. "Get a job!"

Stewart said his mea culpa, but refused to end the segment without another shot a Fox.  

Stewart then listed 21 times that PolitiFact has asserted that Fox News personnel made false statements, including being awarded "Lie of the Year" in 2009 and 2010. 

"Congratulations guys!" Stewart said. "By the way, the correction for that one was issued when monkeys flew out of Vidal Sassoon's ass." 

Later he joked: "Fox News is like a lying dynsasty. They're like the New England Patriots of lying."

He finished the segment by challenging Fox News to correct its misstatements as he had done: "They got a lot of f---ing correcting to do."

Who do you think is ahead at this point in the Fox-Stewart war? Did Stewart one-up Fox by pointing out all their false statements or is that just shifting blame from his own mistake?

Poll is to the left. Video is below.  


The Daily Show - Fox News False Statements
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