Who's pretending Marta Mossburg is running for mayor?

You'd think recent indictments in the Bob Ehrlich robocall case would have scared off political dirty tricksters. That doesn't appear to be the case.

Near as I can tell, Sun op-ed columnist Marta Mossburg is not running for mayor. Nor is she changing the spelling of her last name from Mossburg to Mossberg. 

So what explains the "Marta Mossberg for Mayor" sticker that Sun police reporter extraordinaire Justin Fenton stumbled upon?

There's no authority line on the sticker, surprise, surprise. 

Mossburg, former editorial page editor of the Baltimore Examiner, is a senior fellow at the Maryland Public Policy Institute and a fellow with the Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity. 

"I have no idea who would print the 'campaign' sticker," Mossburg told me in an email just now. "It made me laugh, and I went over to see it for myself Tuesday to check to see if it was real. I am flattered that someone thinks my vision of a thriving, job-generating and lower-taxed city deserves a wider audience. Maybe next time he/she will get my name right!" 

Mossburg's Sun bio says she is focused on "uncovering waste and fraud at all levels of government in Maryland; pension reform; transparency measures to make the state more open and accountable; education; and ideas to help Baltimore City thrive."

That mission certainly would put her at odds with lots of people, sadly enough.

It also makes Mossburg sounds a little like WBAL-TV reporter Jayne Miller, who's always digging up dirt on City Hall and periodically rumored, falsely, to be seeking office

Maybe these two should form a ticket.

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