Wednesday morning talkers: Ron Paul won't seek re-election to Congress

On weekday mornings, I'll post the most controversial, shocking and (of course) ridiculous stories for your reading pleasure. That way, when you walk into work, you'll be the master of witty conversation.


One less independent thinker in Washington: Ron Paul won't seek re-election to Congress. (The Facts

Classy, as always: Bill Maher hopes Bachmann and Palin split the MILF vote. (Huffington Post

Probably a good idea: Casey Anthony might live in disguise upon release from prison (Chicago Sun-Times

Probably the only time death is funny: Bomb maker blows self up while teaching young terrorists about bombs. (The Blaze

The adult in the race: Romney blasts gay marriage pledge signed by other candidates. (AP


This has to be a joke: The worst GOP candidate announcement ever? 


I wouldn't: Would you give up the Internet for $1 million? 


I wonder what they were talking about: George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton share a conversation at Betty Ford's funeral. 


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