There are several factors that seemingly favor the Steelers. They have extra motivation after what happened in Week 1. They are very tough at Heinz Field. They also are playing much better football than the Ravens. In the past four weeks, the Steelers have handled two teams the Ravens have lost to (Tennessee and Jacksonville), one team (Arizona) against which the Ravens had to overcome a three-touchdown deficit to win, and the Patriots, one of the top teams in the AFC. With all that said, it's impossible to dismiss the injuries the Steelers have suffered on defense, specifically at linebacker. If they can't mount any pressure on Flacco — and they were unable to in Week 1 — or figure out a way to block Suggs (above) and Ngata, the Ravens should play well enough to get the upper hand in the AFC North standings. But as always in this matchup, there will be plenty of drama and hard hits, and the game will likely be up for grabs late in the fourth quarter. RAVENS, 20-19
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