Tween report: That's so embarrassing!

Special to The Baltimore Sun

My kids and I took a cruise last week and I’ve been catching up on the news since we returned. One item caught my eye -- the two Dads brawling at a Little League game in Georgia. Parenting bloggers were talking about the poor show of sportsmanship and how these fathers embarrassed their kids.

I’m sure they did. But of course it doesn’t take much to embarrass your children. After spending a week together in close quarters, I can assure you I embarrassed my boys plenty and I didn’t throw a single punch.

It seems when you’re the mother of a tween and a teen everything you do embarrasses them. Let me count the ways I embarrassed my children last week:

1. I looked like a “grandma” when I wore my T-shirt tucked into my shorts.
2. I had “jiggly” arms in my tank top.
3. I chickened out of the slide down the pyramid at Atlantis.
4. I got sick parasailing.
5. I didn’t know the name of the Bob Seeger song that was in the music trivia contest.
6. I talked like a hillbilly.

Those were just some of my faults the boys tallied up in one week.

I can’t wait until they have their own kids so they can embarrass them, too. It’s so much fun.

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