Tuesday morning talkers: Bachmann mixes up John Wayne and John Wayne Gacy

On weekday mornings, I'll post the most controversial, shocking and (of course) ridiculous stories for your reading pleasure. That way, when you walk into work, you'll be the master of witty conversation.


A flake mistake? Bachmann mixes up John Wayne and John Wayne Gacy. (Washington Times

We didn't do it! We swear: TSA changing story on removing 95-year-old woman's diaper. (CNN

Thought crime: Blago convicted in retrial. (Chicago Tribune

Does anyone like the way the president is handling this war? Cardin speaks out against Obama on Libya. (Baltimore Sun

Go Gabby! Giffords stands, waves to crowd. (ABC

I could have told you that for free: Study says U.S. doesn't have good chance to succeed in Afghanistan. (Washington Post


Wow: House built from hemp. 


Speaking of weed: Willie Nelson makes pro-pot legalization ad. 


Shocking: Syrian troops caught beating protesters.  

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