Trae the Truth's voice provides the low-end on 'Gettin' Paid'

Posting this for any rap fans unfamiliar with Trae, a hometown hero from Houston, Texas. His voice, a gravelly but melodic bass (at least I think; haven't taken a music theory class since, well, ever), often commands whatever track he jumps on. He raps double-time on "Gettin' Paid" but his words are never muddled, a feat for an MC with a voice that low. He's a street rapper happy to stay in his lane ("Looking so clean on gator / Try to jack me? Guarentee I put the beam on haters / Hood n----"), with the only hints of pop aspirations being his choices of collaborations (Wiz Khalifa here, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne on other recent singles). There's not much to say about Wiz here -- he raps fine on it, filling space in the video with his skinny mean-mugging and clouds of weed smoke.

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