The planning is over and it's time for the wedding

Well, it’s been 19 months and we’re finally here – it’s wedding time! I want to make this last post about the experience. Not the experience of being engaged and prepping for a wedding, but the experience of capturing it all in writing. While I hope my posts have been helpful and insightful for other brides, I also selfishly think it was most beneficial for me to chronicle this time in life. I will forever be able to look back on the experience and remember all of the details leading up to the big day. For that, I am forever grateful.

As I move on, I look forward to reading the posts by other brides-to-be, as I’m sure I’ll be able to relate back to their joyful and stressful times, simply from a new perspective.

Thank you again to all of my family and friends for encouraging and supporting me through this entire experience. And thank you to everyone who checked in every week to read the latest steps in my journey.

I guess there’s nothing else to say except for wish me luck, Baltimore!

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