Is it OK to have guests bring unwrapped gifts to a shower?

While my wedding and bridal showers are still a ways away I can't help but think of them often.

One of the things that has constantly been on my mind is all the attention I will be receiving. I am fine with this on my wedding day because I know I will be sharing the spotlight with my husband-to-be. However, when it comes to the bridal shower all eyes are on me and the thought of this terrifies me.

I am a shy person and don't usually enjoy being the center of attention. I am comfortable and outgoing around close friends and relatives so if the shower is on the smaller side it should be fine but if it ends up being a good amount of people it makes me nervous.

I know I can't be the only one out there who feels this way. Sure there are a lot of brides who will soak it all up and use the "I'm the bride" card to get their way but that is so not me.

A couple of my bridesmaids said they have been to or heard of showers where the gifts come unwrapped. I love the idea of this because sitting down having a ton of eyes watch me as I open each gift makes me feel a little nauseous. Not only that, but how excited and surprised can you really act for every gift? Of course I will love them all because chances are they are from my registry and what I asked for, but I'm afraid that I won't come off as crazy excited about oven mitts or pots and pans.

I don't know the etiquette about this sort of thing so I guess I am looking for feedback to see if it is OK and appropriate to ask the person to leave their gift unwrapped. In my mind, I am doing them a favor and saving them money and time from wrapping, but people may not like the break of tradition.

If it turns out that this is not a good idea, there will have to be some breaking up of the gifts with games. This seems to work out well at the past couple bridal showers I attended. It gives the guests a chance to interact and socialize more than just watching gifts be opened.

Either way, whether I open the gifts there or browse them, I will be very appreciative and grateful not only for the gift but more importantly for the gift giver.

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