Slow day: Taylor Swift covers Eminem and it goes how you'd expect

This feels like the slowest day on the Internet in the history of the Internet. You'd think that on our president's big 5-0, there'd be a web party, but no, it's dreary, as if to match Baltimore's cooling weather. The only somewhat interesting video (using "interesting" rather loosely here) is a video of Taylor Swift covering Eminem's "Lose Yourself." (Why not "Ass Like That"? Or "I'm Back"? Ugh, now I'm wondering what Swift's Ken Kaniff impression would sound like.)

Despite her shortcomings as a live performer, I'm a Swift fan, even willing to admit I watched her "Back to December" video OnDemand last night. But again, I write this post as a plea for cutesy performers (don't mention the "K" word) to stop covering rap songs, no matter how inspirational. Get hyped to go on stage by blaring it 10 minutes before curtain or turn it up really loud in the car and even say the curse words, but please, please show restraint when you consider performing it in front of thousands of camera phones. It never looks or sounds as cool or good as you imagine. It's most likely the equivalent to Slim Shady crooning "You Belong With Me."

Spotted at Rap Radar.

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