Stop with the opinions -- unless you want to pay for the wedding

With so many decisions to make and far too many options for everything, I've realized how everyone (and their mom) wants to have an opinion. Whether it's picking a cake vendor, which hotel to book rooms with or who to invite to the wedding, I've heard it all! For example, let me give you a little insight into my day-to-day:

"You're going to do chocolate cake, really? Don't you think that's a little heavy to have after dinner? Personally, lemon is the best choice. I mean, who doesn't love lemon!?"

"You don't need a videographer! Are you actually going to watch that? I mean, I wouldn't join for a viewing party ... just saying."

"Oh! You can't go with that hotel, you have to pick the other one."

"Why are they on the list? And wait, don't you want to give her a date? No? But what if she has a boyfriend at the time. Yeah, she needs a date. Let me add that for you."

Don't get me wrong. I love having input from others and it's great to get insight from those who have already gone through this process or who have resources to share, however, sometimes I just want to remind all those overly-willing to share their opinion that Sam and I are the ones paying for this day. If they would like to contribute then we would be more than happy to agree that chocolate cake is too heavy and a videographer is nonsense. Until then, I have decided to happily hear all opinions (of course with an open mind) and the ones I don't like, I'll be sure to move forward with my way full force.

And if it's your opinion I oppose, don't take it personally!

Lastly, my advice for newly engaged couples or those just starting to plan -- remember that it's your day and at the end of it the most important thing is that you and your new husband/wife are happy!

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