Spit shining your baby's binkie may be a good thing

The Baltimore Sun
Spit cleaning a binkie isn't so bad after all, study says.

Parents who lick clean dropped baby binkies instead of sanitizing them may be doing their kids some good by warding off allergies and skin issues, according to a Swedish study published today in the journal Pediatrics.

The study, which followed 184 infants, claims kids whose parents "'cleaned' their pacifier by sucking it" were less likely to have asthma or eczema at 18 months of age than children of parents who used another cleaning technique, like soap and water.

Researchers suggested that oral microbes transferred to the children through their parents' saliva may have stimulated the kids' immune systems and reduced the risk of allergy development.

No word on what happens to the parents who ingest all that crud from the floor, though, or whether the health benefits transfer to moms who insist on licking a thumb to clean their kids' faces.

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