Paging Leisl Schwartz

Leisl where are you? Who are you?

The last few weeks your face has been gracing the pages of the Baltimore Sun, the Columbia Flier and the Howard County Times as part of a “See! I told you I used to be an athlete” campaign.

The Baltimore Sun store is cashing in on their photo archives, and they’ve been using your photo to draw people to their website (

You’ve got my curiosity up.

I’ve covered field hockey since the mid-1980s and I don’t remember you. I’ve asked my predecessor and a couple of long-time coaches, but your name doesn’t ring a bell with them either.

We know you played for Howard High, because it says so on your sweatshirt. You’ve got the requisite plaid kilt, but your stick, not quite the long-toe variety, and your shinguards say 1960s or possibly early 1970s. It definitely looks pre-Title IX.

I checked the Sun Store website to see if I could find your picture, which would have a publication date on the back. It wasn’t there. Someone else — you? — has snapped it up. That’s $25 plus shipping and handling. At least, that’s the going price for most of the photos. To prove it’s an original, the picture does come with a certificate of authenticity and sometimes annoying photo cropping marks.

Why did the Baltimore Sun take your picture? Was it for a feature on the Howard field hockey team or a feature on you? Was Betty Lang your coach? Did you play other sports at Howard? Are you still involved in sports?

I guess I’ll have to keep wondering.


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