Should old "single" friends be forgot in the new year?

Will our traditions change once we’re “the married couple”?

Every year Sam and I, along with a group of friends (some single and some dating) go to Ocean City, Md., for New Years Eve. As we started planning for this year’s adventure I realized this will be our last year as Mercado and MacNichol: Next year we’ll be the only married couple to attend the trip.

Will that be weird? Do we still go?

Simple answer – Yes!

It didn’t take long for me to think about this one. Our friends are amazing and love us both, together and individually. Being married won’t change that! But then I realized it might not be like that for other couples. Some couples get married and their group of friends change. They start spending time with other married couples and less with their single/dating friends. I can understand making that change. Quite simply, it’s what happens when you grow up…things change. But for now, we don’t have very many married friends so Sam and I are hoping to start a new trend where we still hang out with the single group. Until they kick us out at least!

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