Shoppers pay no sales tax on apparel through Saturday

Just one more day.

That's what's left of Maryland's annual tax-free shopping week. Until stores close Saturday, shoppers can avoid paying the state's 6 percent sales tax on most apparel and footwear priced up to $100.

Maryland is one of at least 18 states offering tax-free holidays this year.

State officials tout the benefits to consumers and small retailers, with sales climbing up to 10 percent in what has become one of the biggest selling weeks of the year. Detractors say the state stands to lose millions in tax revenue, an estimated $5 million this year.

But the tax break is as good an excuse as any to go out and shop.

Items that won't be taxed include most apparel and footwear and some accessories, such as belts, hats and gloves.

If you're stocking up on notebooks and dry-erase markers, however, expect to tack on the 6 percent. School supplies are not included.


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