Sarah Palin's hair gets own TV show

Is there no end to the media's fascination with Sarah Palin

She's not running for president, resigned from her last elected office and, increasingly, is only famous for, well, being famous. 

But that doesn't stop us from watching. Palin's already had one reality show about her; her daughter, Bristol, has another one; and now (amazingly) her hair is getting its own show. 

Yes, that's right. Sarah Palin's hair has scored the salon that created it a TLC show called "Big Hair Alaska." The show won't just be about Palin's hair, obviously, but it's the media's fascination with the Mamma Grizzly that is the impetus for this spinoff. 

"The Wasilla, Alaska, beauty salon credited with designing Sarah Palin's trademark 'up-do' hairstyle will be the subject of its own reality television show, 'Big Hair Alaska,'" NBC reports. 

The salon is called "The Beehive" and its owner confirmed the news of the show via Facebook

"TLC just announced their fall lineup, and we are on it!!!! Our show is called Big Hair Alaska!!!! Omg!!! It's really happening!!!! :)," the message said. 

Pretty soon, the Palins will have more reality spinoffs than the Kardashians. 



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