Ron Paul to Colbert: 'I don't even believe in the income tax'

The day before he's supposed to announce he's officially running for president, U.S. Rep. (and libertarian icon) Ron Paul went on "The Colbert Report" tonight. 

It was a short segment, but Paul implied he would do away with the federal income tax and the Federal Reserve, if elected. 

When asked which ideas of his have most caught on, Paul replied: "Most Americans now think the Federal Reserve doesn't do a very good job." 

He went on to say: "The biggest counterfitters in the world are the Federal Reserve."

Paul's point, which I think is generally correct, is that the Federal Reserve is hurting the United States' economy by printing too much money, thereby weakening the dollar and enabling runaway spending -- all of which is true. 

Paul then ended the segment by saying: "I don't even believe in the income tax."

If politics were art, Paul would be considered a post-modernist, which makes him the most intellectually interesting candidate in the GOP field. Trump might be the funniest; Pawlenty has the best promotional videos; but Paul actually takes huge, fundamental, existing U.S. political constructs and completely deconstructs them. 

Any race he's involved in is better because he widens the debate and challenges conventional wisdom.  


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