Replace kids in your newsfeed with cats thanks to

The Baltimore Sun

I post a lot of pictures of my kids on social media. I know it's probably too much, but it's like I can't help myself. Hopefully I haven't ended up on or anything, but you never know. That said, there's now a way for my overburdened friends and contacts to de-baby their newsfeeds:

A couple of dudes built an extension for Chrome that replaces the baby pictures in your Facebook feed with "awesome stuff": default is cat pictures, but there are other options, too.

Now I can spread the word and feel less bad about the whole situation. Download the extension at the link above, if you like.

But now I wonder, what will it replace my cat pictures with? And can I get it to replace all mentions of politics with pictures of babies? How about replacing re-posted George Takei pictures with memes I haven't already seen that day? (Seriously, people, we're all already following him. You don't need to click share.)

(Hat tip to co-worker Tim Swift, who is trying to replace one of my kids' pictures with puppies, and mashable.)

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