Please stop asking annoying questions about what's next for a couple

Throughout life, there are so many changes and stages. There are milestones such as graduating from schools, getting new jobs, buying houses, getting married, having babies and so on. However, it feels like people are always looking for the next thing in their life rather than really enjoying what they have in the moment. 

When couples have been dating for a while, the questions people constantly ask are “Do you think he (or she) is the one?” or “When are you guys getting married?” These questions can be awkward because sometimes the couple hasn't even discussed what's next yet -- or they have different ideas on what's next. They may not even ever want to get married at all. Everyone is different, and really it's no one else’s business but the couple in question. 

Then once people get engaged, the question turns into “When are you getting married?” And once you’re married or about to be, people ask “When do you plan on having children?” 

I have to admit I am guilty of asking these types of questions, too. It wasn’t until I was engaged that I realized how annoying and uncomfortable these questions can actually be. 

The point is you should enjoy whatever step of your relationship you’re in and not just think about what is next. I increasingly understand that it's important to really cherish and treasure the relationships you have in your life and not just rush on to the next thing.


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