When you want to send a thank-you note, but don't know where to find a mailbox

I'm really bad at correspondence. I love the idea of it — of actually using a pen to write words to send to someone — but then i remember I can't just hit send. I have to find a stamp. I have to remember to put the card in my purse. Then I have to (this is mortifying) ask the internet if there is a mail box on my walk to work because I've never thought to look. I have several un-sent thank-you notes in my house; cards that I cut and glittered and designed and stamped and then forgot about because, as it turns out, there is no mailbox on my walk to work.

I needed to find a way to be a grown-up who sends notes of gratitude. I searched around, and found a few options that work with my Millennial generation downfalls.

Paperless Post: This site features many well-designed e-cards. Type out personal notes, and have fun choosing the “envelope” liner, fonts and card color. Paperless Post will either send out your card for a fee, or provide a free link you can send out from your own email. As the site says, your mother told you to mail cards, but your Mother Earth prefers this method. I say let your inner Emily Post decide.

Pinhole Press: Another option is to create cards online and have them sent to you. With Pinhole Press you can either upload your own picture or choose one of their sweet, pressed icons for your stationery. This is a bit pricier, so buy in bulk to save. We’re using this site for our Save the Dates, and I’ve found it to be very user-friendly — and the designs are lovely. You’ll still have to (gasp) find stamps and a mailbox, but sending out an upscale postcard saves on buying envelopes.

Shutterfly: This is a marriage between Pinhole and Paperless. Senders have the option to create a card and have them sent home to write in and mail, or to type a generic message, and Shutterfly will send them out for you. The latter is not exactly the most personal approach, but it still counts as a gesture of gratitude.

This is my list so far, but I’m open to suggestions — if anyone has any other great sites please list them in the comments section below. And if you haven’t received a thank-you card from us yet for our engagement party, please understand that I’ve been busy writing this post about how to send you a thank-you card.

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