Obama: Bin Laden was 'mass murderer of Muslims'

President Barack Obama just spoke to the American people about the U.S. operation that killed terrorist leader Osama bin Laden. 

Some key points from the president's brief speech: 

• Obama praised the "tireless and heroic work" of the military. 

• Obama said he directed CIA director Leon Panetta to make the "killing or capture" of bin Laden his top priority. 

• The president said a lead developed in August about bin Laden's whereabouts. The terrorist was "hiding in a compound deep" within Pakistan. He said he authorized a "targeted operation" against bin Laden and U.S. military members killed him after a "fire fight."

• Obama called bin Laden a "mass murderer of Muslims" and said his killing was a "significant achievement."

• Obama gave a nod to President George W. Bush who first launched the hunt for bin Laden and specified that the U.S. "War on Terror" is not a war on Islam. 

• The president closed his remarks saying, "Justice has been done."  

Here's the full video of the speech: 




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