It's a big day for Android, Daddy Yankee may or may not be gay and North Korean tensions are rising

By Tim Swift, The Baltimore Sun

Users of Twitter and Google are taking notice as the North Korea nuclear crisis keeps escalating. The Pentagon has moved more advance equipment into the area as a precaution. Meanwhile, the ubiquitous Android phone operating system is expected to get an upgrade today with Facebook being a major factor in the makeover. In celebrity news, there is a lot of confusion over Puerto singer Daddy Yankee this morning as conflicting reports have him alternatively coming out of the closet and denying that he's gay. And finally, Brittney Griner will be given a chance to try out for the Dallas Mavericks, opening up that the slim possiblity of a woman in the NBA. Welcome to your online trends report for Thursday, April 4, 2013.

Tim Swift, The Baltimore Sun
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