Narrowing down the bridesmaid dress options

Usually the first wardrobe hurdle for the wedding is finding the dress. The second hurdle, the one that sometimes gets lost in the shuffle, is the bridesmaid dress shopping. With social media, especially Pinterest, there are so many options for bridesmaids!

As a bride-to-be, before you even discuss with your bridal party, you first need to determine the direction you want to go with the bridesmaid dresses. Here are your options:

  • All the same style and color
  • All the same style, different colors
  • All the same color, different styles
  • Long vs. short
  • Taffeta vs. chiffon

Then you have to decide all the other details, beyond the dress, like:

  • Silver vs. gold jewelry
  • Heels or flats
  • All the same shoes or different
  • Hair style
  • Sweater/shawl or bare shoulder

Considering the options before talking with your bridesmaids will help to streamline the process and keep everyone on the same page. Without a game plan you may find yourself overwhelmed by never-ending opinions and individual style choices.

Lucky for me, I have a great set of bridesmaids and had a concrete idea in mind before we went shopping! The end result? A strapless, chiffon dress, same color and style, flat sandal and silver jewelry. The only differences you'll see between the girls -- each girl will have her own, individual hair style, my maid of honor will have red cowboy boots instead of the sandals and my junior bridesmaid will be in a different dress, including style and color, however very much complimenting the others.

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